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Have you been wondering how to sell or buy an item or service ? Look no further than Ceylonads.lk. Ceylonads.lk is a locally owned and local based platform where anyone from anywhere can post their ads to sell or request to buy any item or services. The process is as simple 1-2-3, easy with a quick results.

All you need to do is create an account with user ID and a valid password, choose a city or an area of trade interest, post the ad or the service you are requesting. Once the ad is published people will be able to view all around. To make your ad creation easy we have set up a step by step guide to follow that will eventually help in ad creation.

The deals are not restricted to a specific group or an item. The categories are explicit in their chosen group. One can sell or buy as big as a house or a vehicle to as small as a pen or a pet. Posting of images need to be clear and concise within the said size limitation.

Each and every ad will be scrutinized by the Ceylonads.lk team to ensure their validity and sensibility before being published on the website.

If you would like to know about the site and the process please feel free to drop us an email (email ID) and we will get back to you shortly.

At Ceylonads.lk we wish you a happy Trading.

Management - Ceylonads.lk

Malith gunawardana

Malith Gunawardana has been always keen on learning not only academically but the various culture and business opportunities across the globe. His vision to empower himself and the people around him has triggered the passion to set up an Educational Institution Shakya Foreign Educational Services in his home town, Galle that has been providing a unique service of teaching foreign languages along with the value added preparation and grooming of youth tovarious Universities across the world in diversified skills and Degrees.

Malith Gunawardana is the pioneer in the industry in his home town of Galle and sits in the Board as the Director and the Owner of the business. His far-sight and passion to prepare the youth of today for a better future, a better tomorrow has been envisaged and admired by many.

Besides being the Director of Shakya Foreign Educational Services, he also sits and contributes massively towards the success of www.ceylonads.lk and www.shakyastore.lk as Owner and Director.

His entrepreneuralmindset and the thirst to succeed has opened up many possibilities that are feasible in the business environment. Which has contributed towards a huge success of the business entity. He valued education and understood that the opportunity a degree will give. Hence he enrolled in City & Guilds to obtain a degree (BSc/ Dip ) in Electrical Engineering. In addition to this he went on to expand his world of knowledge by obtains a degree in Business Management. The knowledge and value of both these qualifications and the proper mentor of the Universities have helped bring the wisdom and the power to be able to sustain in a business environment by himself.

KH Harshika Director

K.H. Harshika is an entrepreneur with long standing history of business ventures coupled with vast knowledge, experience and exposures. She is also a pioneer in foreign education venture. holds the position as the Director of ‘SHAKYA Foreign Educational (Pvt) Ltd’ that is situated in Galle, south of Sri Lanka. Her belief in investing in a good education has been shared with the community whereby she mentors and monitors the youth. Coming from a background of Human Resource (HR) Management himself, her knowledge of recruitment into various industries are sorted out by the faculty of students who stands to gain an added advantage in securing solid career.

Harshika contributes and plays a prominent role in the running of the business of Ceylonads.lk which is an online e-commerce based business venture that stipulates online advertisement all around the island facilitating all sellers and buyers to interact through the site that acts as a common platform. . She holds the title as the Director of Ceylonads.lk. with a charming personality and good understanding of people she has always been a popular choice of person to be approached by any that seek the service.

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